This Page Contains Titles of Various Powerpoint Presentations I Have 
Presented on Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic 
Voyages and Elsewhere. 
If you want copies of all or part of these please e-mail me. 
The Just Add WaterClimate Change 2018El Nino
The Productivity of Baja CaliforniaSan Francisco BayIce,Tectonics of IcelandSteinbeck and Ricketts and The Green Flash Links are Currently Active. 
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The North Atlantic Ocean: 
Weather Maker of Europe

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The Circulation and Productivity of the Waters of Baja California
Geological History and Tectonic Setting
of Baja Callifornia and the Sea of Cortez.

A number of additional Presentations--there are about 160 in all--can be added to this page if requested
Ice is Nice! Glaciers and Sea Level Rise
Climate Change 2018

Just Add Water: A Look at Water in the West
Tectonic History of Iceland and Greenland
The North Atlantic: Weather Maker of Europe (PPT 97-2003 Version)
John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts in 
the Sea of Cortez
The Green Flash
The Physical Setting and the Circulation of the Baltic Sea
Geological Evolution of Western Europe
Barchan Dunes
El Nino: Boy Wonder--Fall 2015
Rise and Fall of the 
Pleistocene Megafauma