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        Welcome to my Home Page. I am an oceanographer, retired from academic life and now travelling much of the year with Lindblad Expeditions, an expedition travel company. At Lindblad Expeditions I sail as Expedition Leader and Naturalist, lecturing on oceanography, meteorology and geology.
During my academic career I was a member of the faculty in Oceanography at the University of Washington for 9 years. I then moved to San Francisco State University as Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and Professor of Oceanography, a position I held for 27 years. From 1981 until 1993 I served as President of the California Academy of Sciences. In my research career my primary interest was the dynamics of coastal upwelling systems around the world. I  was particularly interested in the acquisition and analysis of oceanographic data in real time and the use of these data for adaptive experimental design for the study of these very dynamic systems
        I now consult on Marine Affairs, particularly on multiple uses of the coastal ocean and served until recently on the Board of the California Ocean Science Trust Board and on the Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, as well as the Boards of the California Academy of Sciences and the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies of San Francisco State University.
       My wife, Susan, and I live in Loyalton, California, in Sierra Valley,

Santiago, Cape Verde Islands
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Hutton's Unconformity-Siccar Point, Scotland
Nansen's Winter Camp-Franz Josef Land
Tristan da Cunha
      Cape Horn
Brown Bluff, Antarctica
Thingvellir, Iceland
Los Islotes, Baja California
Surfing Henderson Island
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After a lifetime at sea on Research Ships and Lindblad/National Geographic Expedition Ships
I am going to be staying ashore for the foreseeable future
I would love to hear from you, though, and I can be reached at