Gray Whale in Magdalena Bay
M/V Sea Lion at Punta Colorado
Blue Whale near Isla San Jose
Sunset at Cabo San Lucas
The Waters of Baja California are
Some of the Richest in the World.
On the Pacific Coast Coastal Upwelling Produces Beautiful Plumes of Nutrient-
Rich Water. In the Gulf, Tidally Induced
Upwelling Around the Midriff Islands Produces Extremely Rich Water There
Midriff Islands
Images of Baja California
Baja Califorina is, for me, like no where else on Earth.
I have been travelling every year to Baja California for the past 60 years: first with my Dad on fishing trips, then in high school on surfing trips, later with my family on camping trips, then on research cruises studying the upwelling systems of the Pacific Coast of the Peninsula and finally with Lindblad Expeditions on Expedition voyages since 1983.
I have shared my love of Baja with many people, but with no one more than Dr.George Lindsay with whom I had the good fortune to travel to Baja many times. We all miss him very much.

A rememberance of George from the California Academy of Sciences can be found here:

George in
San Javier
Baja California
George and Len Diamond in
La Palma, Canary Islands
George at Cap Ghjir, Morocco